Handling Mistakes Training

Handling Mistakes in the Workplace Training

2KO Cameroon offers leadership courses on handling mistakes in the workplace Yaounde and elsewhere around the country.


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Taking corrective action with employees is a necessary and often difficult process for managers. Constructive feedback, along with the right process and a human relations approach, moves people from resistance to relating to their mistakes. Leaders maintain the dignity of others during times of conflict and change.


People don't change; people grow. They accept new ideas and coaching readily if they feel their ideas and opinions are considered. After completing this module, you can handle mistakes in a way that helps the individual maintain his or her dignity while offering ideas for problem resolution and improvement.


At the completion of this module, participants will be able to:

Effectively handle mistakes using a human relations approach

Refer to the problem or situation in a professional way to more consistently retain valuable people and team empowerment

Maintain control by managing R.A.M.E. (Reasonable, Allowable Margin of Error)